After almost twenty years in the rubber sheet lining business, I started Craftex Protective Coatings to supply the needs of a large rubber covered roller user in our area.  Very quickly we were pushed to cover rolls with a rather new (at that time) product called Polyurethane.  Always being excited by new products and processes, we soon became more involved with polyurethane than rubber, and our business continues to thrive in that direction still.

We still cover rolls and mold parts and pieces with all types of rubber, but the majority of our business involves polyurethane molded parts or covered rolls. Our niche in the market place is hard working parts and roll covers with very close tolerance.  We produce parts from the size of a pencil eraser to 16 feet long and 30 inches in diameter.

While we do “as cast” parts, the vast majority of our parts, whether from rubber or urethane, will be overcast and machined to size – exact size. Every roll that comes through our plant is given a serial # and has a permanent record established.  This enables us to report to our customers the lifespan and wear pattern of their rolls.

If you need individual, personalized service, you may call us anytime between 8am-5pm CST and talk to Ronny, Cameron, or Veronica.  Our phone number is 205-759-4251.Our company is set up so that every employee has a stake in our future.  Call for personal service.

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