Craftex prides itself on working with you one on one to help reduce your mean time between failures, replacements or repairs. Unscheduled downtime is a killer and we understand that every minute counts in today's business climate. Call us for a plant survey today!

At Craftex Protective Coatings, we are molders of custom parts for industry from Polyurethane, Rubber, and Plastic.  We cover rollers from the size of a pencil eraser to 16 feet long and 30 inches in diameter, with any standard compound of rubber or polyurethane as well as our own special compounds for individual customers.  These special compounds include polyurethane filled with sand, ceramic, and fibers, to name a few.

  MISSION STATEMENT: At Craftex, it is our mission to become an integral part of each of our customers manufacturing process by supplying them the absolute finest products available at affordable prices while continuing to improve and enhance our capabilities enabling us to assist them with any changes they might make to their product line.

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